In our first year we delivered immediate and tangible results for a large automotive supplier with a well-managed benefits plan.

The company had implemented the following major strategies for reducing healthcare cost:

  • Consumer Driven Health Plans
  • Annual Cost shifting premiums to employees
  • On-site Clinics with Pharmacy
  • Wide array of Wellness Programs

Human Resources felt they had exhausted all traditional options for reducing healthcare spending and was looking for new and innovative solutions for lowering their costs while improving the health of their employee population.

Employer Advantage reviewed the client’s existing benefits infrastructure working with their consultant/broker and implemented several solutions which created results within 15 months. The customized solution consisted of:

  • Restructuring and Accountability in On-Site Clinics
  • Recruitment and Accountability of Local Primary Care
  • Implementation of Employer Advantage’s Annual Lifestyle and Biometric Screening
  • Targeted Wellness Programming


employer advantage health care solutions - case studies


  • 85% participation of employees and spouses in Annual Lifestyle and Biometric Screenings in the first year
  • Stabilized the member population’s health with significant improvements in Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar (A1C) levels as measured in year over year
  • Annual Lifestyle and Biometric Screenings through focused disease management services
  • Uncovered over 200 members with previously unidentified health conditions (avoiding potential hospitalizations) in Annual Lifestyle and Biometric Screenings
  • More than doubled the On-site Clinic capacity over the previous clinic provider capabilities
  • After one year 72% of members identified the on-site clinic providers as their primary care
  • Added local primary care who adhered to Employer Advantage’s processes in areas without access to on-site clinics


  • Received customer service ratings of 4.5/5.0 and higher from employees who engaged in the Employer Advantage offerings
  • Reduction of time away from work with convenient on-site clinics and wait times of less than 5 minutes
  • Created custom wellness programs targeted to address the Annual Lifestyle and Biometric Screening results.


  • Reduced client’s healthcare expenditures by 6%, including the fees paid to Employer Advantage (PEPM)
  • Decreased Inpatient Hospitalization cost by 33% (PEPM) and Emergency Room cost by 41% (PEPM)