Comprehensive Data Analysis

The Employer Advantage model is predicated on acquiring and leveraging actionable data and is built on an acknowledged set of methodologies for analyzing employer spending and provider performance. Employer Advantage leverages historical claims and practice level audits to set goals, track activities, measure results and ensure desired outcomes. These outcomes fall into three basic categories of effort: improved health status of the population; reductions in aggregate spending; and high levels of patient satisfaction. Each Triple Aim objective is satisfied, for both the client and the employers they work with, ensuring a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship.

The Employer Advantage Data Study includes an in-depth, 3-year review of 3 years of medical and pharmacy data and incorporates population GeoAccess, actual vs. predicted spend, provider performance, and population analysis. Employer Advantage then helps the provider understand their data in a holistic way and clearly outlines the impact current trends are having on healthcare spend and employee outcomes, where there are opportunities to improve capture and quality, and the projected impact of Enhanced Primary Care on total population health.